Environmental Education -The Museum’s Program by Robert Lucas, Educational Assistant

The Cape Naturalist: Vol 1 No 1

June, 1972

Environmental Education -The Museum’s Program

by Robert Lucas, Educational Assistant

Our Environmental Science Program now in its second year, is by no means polished and perfected, but we are proud of our endeavors and we believe that we are making accomplishments in developing an environmental awareness in the young people with whom we work. The program reaches a total of more than 1000 children in attendance at the following elementary schools: Ezra Baker in Dennis, Brewster Elementary, Eastham Elementary, Orleans Elementary, Trinity School of Cape Cod in Yarmouth, Truro Central, and Wellfleet Elementary. We hope to keep you informed of the aims of the program, the principles upon which we are operating, and what we believe have been successes and failures and why.

The term environmental education probably has as many interpretations as there are people who use the words. To some it means nature study, to others it connotes a sophisticated experimental approach to science, and to many it is the instant panacea to our environmental problems. Even the educators currently involved in environmental education would not be in unanimous agreement on a definition of the term, but the majority would probably subscribe to the following: environmental science should be taught outdoors, should involve exploration, and should impart a sense of awareness to the student. The Museum’s program embodies, to varying degrees, the above three principles.

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