Fisherman’s Chronicle of Cape Fish by Harvey W. Bloomer

The Cape Naturalist: Vol 1 No 1

June, 1972

When did it start and why? Year after year it continues as it has for countless ages. Changes occur, but mostly from the destructive efforts of man in his greedy, wasteful means of harvesting the sea.

Our beginning of the year: January, a cold bleak, windy month. The fish are scattered. A few hardy cod remain on shoals of the Atlantic Coast of the Cape. The larger schools have long since gone to warmer and deeper water, along with “trash fish”, lobsters, crabs, for the shallow waters of the coast have become much too cold.

The pond, or black back, flounder is snug in his headwater, quietly lying in his bed of mud, as so the eel in the spring hole, or marsh bank.

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